Christophe: happy couple with his wife Audrey 30 years his junior

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Three years after the release of his latest album, Christophe is back with "The remains of chaos". The interpreter of the tube "Aline" is also a happy man in love with a certain Audrey. "I have a companion with whom I feel good. She makeup mode. It's my makeup-loving ..."He confided to the magazine Ici Paris in 2012. At the time, Christopher also spoke of their age difference, the young woman in question was 33, when he was 66 years old. "The age difference, that does not mean much. (...) I do not count the years. Besides, I do not celebrate birthdays either"He stated, adding that he was not living with his partner: "It's a real luxury to be able to love by making separate apartment. And it's more exciting."

In year 60, the singer was living a love story with Michèle Torr, with whom he had a son named Roman, born in 1967, but he never wanted to admit. Then he met his wife, Veronique gave him a daughter. "In fact, at that time, I was not married, it was in 1967. I met my wife Veronique, 68, I was hooked and I stayed with her for twenty-eight years"He confided in Brain Magazine in 2012. "I was completely at odds with Michèle, there had intimate stuff that she and I are watching. There was a sort of hatred".

He then spoke of his son for the first time in the press. "He came to see me at my concerts to talk to me. I told him it would not have been possible with his mother, I had my daughter and it was not the time that reconnects".

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