Koh Lanta 2017: watch episode 13 on TF1 Replay / MyTF1 (June 2)

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This edition of Koh Lanta 2017 Cambdoge is soon over. Last week, it was Claire who was eliminated from the adventure. And at the end of episode 13, the names of the four finalists will be known. Who Sébastien, Frédéric Vincent, Clementine and Mathilde will have the chance to participate in final competitions? A priori, Clementine is guaranteed to go to orientation because it has a collar.

The trials of comfort and immunity will consist of shooting and dominoes concentration and agility will be essential assets for which hopes to win. Recall that last week is finally Claire who left in tears, forced to bow to Mathilde and his immunity necklace found in extremis. At the camp, tensions fly its full, and some morale takes a beating. The ultimate board waiting belligerents promises to be eventful.

To review the episode 13 of Koh Lanta 2017 released this Friday, June 2, visit visit MyTF1.

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