TF1 Replay: see episode 2 of “Baby Boom 2”

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"Long notably absent of delivery rooms, where their presence was prohibited, the the fathers are now investing in strength. It is not certain that their active presence, even deeply concerned, always makes midwifery life, but they do not spare their support to their partner about to give life, nor their emotion when the child seems . Whether cutting the umbilical cord, to attend to the toilet or rocking freshly swaddled newborn, fathers of the XXI century the most committed support the existence of their child in its first second . "(Official Summary)

TF1 continues to broadcast the second season of the "Baby Boom" program which is offered late in the second part of the evening for reasons of hearing. In order to still follow the path of the families presented in the show and meet their babies, you can follow "Baby Boom 2" streaming via replay Replay TF1. Below, discover theepisode aired September 25.

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