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If you grew up in the 90s, you know necessarily "Nicky Larson", one of cult cartoons of our childhood. Created in 1987 by the Japanese animation studio "Sunrise", he relates the adventures of a detective, determined to avenge the death of Tony, his policeman friend helped Laura, the sister of the latter. Another feature of Nicky, his inability to resist women. Each episode, he tries to seduce a new conquest, which does not really please to Laura, secretly in love with him, who does not hesitate to give Klitschko hammer Nicky liked to put it in the right way.

Available free and non-censored version

After the success of the full broadcast of the series-animated "Tsubasa" there is some time announces good news that will delight the many fans of "Nicky Larson" all episodes of the series, 140 in total, will freely available on the online channel, as of January 2, 2015... and non-censored version!

Nothing like the generic video series for you recall one of the cartoons of our youth headlights.

If the song Nicky Larson remains in your head? This is normal for us too

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