The 10 heroines of the most badass series in 2014

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1. Arya Stark - Game of Thrones

If the HBO series is still topped the illegal downloads this year, we like to think it's a bit through Arya Stark. Since the pilot, the daughter of Ned has proven that it had all heroin badass. But this year, it peaked in forming from the bloodthirsty Bloodhound. Eager for revenge, fearless and very smart, Arya could put Westeros at his feet one day soon.

Arya Stark

2. Clones - Orphan Black

On the screen, Tatiana Maslany interprets four different women but share something in common: their high level of badass attitude. This year, Alison, Cosima, Helena and Sarah fought their enemies with bitter with anger and a lot of gray matter in stock. In 2015, the super heroines clan will go to war and as you say we wait to see it.


3. Beth Greene - The Walking Dead

(Spoiler Caution) Erased the early years, Beth has greatly evolved over the seasons 4 and 5. This year has seen her stand up to the awful Dawn, killing a rapist and sacrifice to help a young man to escape his captors . Unfortunately, these have the bravery also led to ruin.

Beth Greene

4. Hannah Horvath - Girls

No need to live in a post-apocalyptic world to qualify as badass. The character played by Lena Dunham is proof. This year, Hannah sent drift a rotten job, and most importantly, she decided to spend her dreams before her boyfriend (not always very cool with it). You go girl!

Hannah Girls

5. Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife

In six seasons, Alicia Florrick experienced a real transformation. Presented as a scorned wife in the driver's lawyer rose through the ranks as a pro, even if this has sometimes had to compromise. Faced with the death of his "love interest" last season, the heroine looked up and proved that she is not allowed to define a man. This year she campaigned for the post of Attorney General and of course, they are likely to want the victory.

Alicia Florrick

6. Annalise Keating - How to Get Away With Murder

After Scandal and sulfur couple Shonda Rhimes returns with an even more complex and modern heroine Olivia Pope. Annalise Keating is a fierce advocate, a woman who listens to his desires (in the pilot, she received oral sex), but also a person with many facets, brave and fragile at once. As if that was not enough, she also has its own army of young students to his cause ... And that's still rather class.

How to get away with murder

7. Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead

Quite simply, without Carol, we do not know how Rick and the others would have to escape from Terminus. More badass than ever, the battered woman beginnings turned into a real zombie killeuse (and other more human enemies). It manages alone or be surrounded by her "family" Carol is a survivor and deserves our respect forever.

The Walking Dead

8. Claire Beauchamp - Outlander

Projected in Scotland in the 18th century, the English Claire Beauchamp has one thing in mind: survival. But better than that, she managed to win in a world of men and even hypnotizes the best of them, Jamie Fraser warrior. Beautiful, sexy, rebellious and smart, Claire is undoubtedly one of the coolest heroines of this year. Just have fingers crossed that the series Outlander soon landed in France.


9. Kate Beckett - Castle

Season 7 of Castle a bad start for her heroine. Abandoned at the altar, her future husband vanished ... the New York cop could easily daunted. But Kate Beckett is a fighter and she never stopped looking her novelist. In addition, she handles the weapons with dexterity to shake all the thugs of the Big Apple, which is pretty ballsy.

Kate Beckett

10. Claire Underwood - House of Cards

the splendid Claire Underwood a hardened character, she is able to put anyone in her place, and her husband seems to be the only person who deserves his respect (and love). In season 2, she also confessed publicly that she had been the victim of rape and managed to bring down his tormentor. become the First Lady of the United States, it looks set to put the world at her feet. At least.

Claire Underwood

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