FOR OR AGAINST: the anti-rape condom?

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There are four years Germany had chosen to reopen the brothels, to deal with the explosion in the supply of prostitutes, and demand for the male audience the football World Cup... In anticipation of the influx of women in South Africa for the 2010 edition, the South African government has ordered an additional stock of one billion condoms.

Solution found to be very reassuring for Dr. Sonnet Ehlers. Concerned about the number of rapes committed during these events, she created five years ago the Rape-ax ( "rape ax"). The process, simple and barbaric, recalls the medieval torture: thorns cling to the penis of the perpetrator, who without bleeding, feels pain if he tries to free himself. The condom can be removed without the help of a doctor.

The find has the merit of posing the problem of the sexual offenses, often kept in silence facing the sports craze. Nevertheless, medical experts suggest a big downside: the trapped man may increase the violence towards women waiting to be released from prison ...

The anti-rape condom has not yet been sold.


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