Empire Season 2: see episode 11, 12, 13, 14 and replay (August 17)

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While the United States expect the third season of the musical show, French viewers are discovering the second on W9 with this Wednesday 17 August, four episodes to find in entirety and replay on the website 6Play, here are summaries.

Episode 11: The Black Queen

Camilla is back, determined to wreak vengeance. For its part, Lucious is ready to fight and to recover any Empire. But Cookie has a plan. She asks him to be patient and let it go. Both resent much to Hakeem and let him know. However, it continues to rise. Jamal receives 7 nominations "American Sound Awards" and Andre saw a drama.

Episode 12: Antony and Cleopatra

Hakeem new Empire CEO, called his mother, responsible for the artistic direction and Jamal, vice president. While Camilla opened a high-fashion department, Cookie, and his son collect evidence against her and Mimi to prove their shenanigans and recover their business. Following the loss of his son Andre loses foot and Jamal balance on his father.

Episode 13: The birth of a fawn

It is the birthday of Cookie, the first free for 17 years, and she hopes to spend the family despite current disagreements. Lucious gives an exclusive interview to a reporter revealing who he really is. He decided to make the theme of the clip. Hakeem gère tensions between its artists, Jamal offers a collaboration Freda and Andre learns painful truths.

Episode 14: The past never dies

A meeting of shareholders is preparing Empire. Feverish, Hakeem attempts to prepare at best while Lucious, rose to block following the success of her video, actively preparing his return. Anika ad to Lyon family that she is pregnant with Hakeem. After discovering who she is and worried about his collaboration with Jamal, Cookie tent away Freda.

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